Kai Thomas, 8 year-old brown belt, has been awarded the silver medal for his Kata performance in a Shotokan karate competition that was held in Yuba City, California. 

Logan Simpson of The Karate & Fitness Place USA Wins the first place prize 6ft Trophy in Kumite at the LA Fiestas International Karate Championships held in September 2014.

This is the student’s first time doing a last-minute demonstration breaking boards at the belt promotion on 11.1.14. This shows that not all boards are broken initially, but can be- with focus.

Kai and Alex, 8 and 9 years-old, have not practiced Pinan Nidan kata together, yet their years of training under Sensei Tom Westernoff shows great focus and timing in this video. They are very much in sync at the karate demonstration during promotion. (11.1.14)

This is an example of a kata utilizing weapons while in competition.  We train with a variety of weapons that include the nunchaku, bo, kaibo, tonfa, and sai.

5 year-old from The Karate & Fitness Place USA wins the Gold Medal despite poor Judging… 

Logan Simpson (right frame) of The Karate & Fitness Place USA Wins First Place Trophy at the LA Fiestas Karate Championships Performing Kata Pinan Nidan (September 2014).